DIY Thrift Store Finds for Christmas Gifts

It’s that time of the year to dig through your piggy bank looking for change to buy everyone a christmas gift. Sometimes you have to get gifts just because it’s the thing to do, others you want to give a friend or family member something special but you just don’t have the money. Well DIYing is perfect in these scenarios. All it takes is a bit of craftiness and a bit of your time. Granted – that too can be running low. Here are some great Christmas Gifts that started out as Thrift Store finds (or garage / estate sales). Each item can be transformed into a variety of options, so don’t worry about giving everyone the same thing!

  1. Clay Pots – a lot of people throw out clay pots, but you can easily clean these up put some paint or decorations onto them and make them into anything from pencil holders to re-envisioned flower pots. claypot
  2. Tea cups – old tea cups can be turned into interesting flower, succulent, or herb plants that can bring life into anyone’s kitchen.You can also make tea cup / sugar bowl candles with these step by step instructions.
  3. Trays & Platters – take old trays or platers – even picture frames and turn them into stylish black boards. tray
  4. Old Sweaters – get your sewing kit out for some great DIY projects – like a tea or coffee cozy or mittenscozy
  5. Mason Jars – because of course I’m obsessed and people toss these all the times – same with milk jugs! There are lots of things you can use Mason Jars for – candles, body scrubs, home made jam, but you can also use them for cooking kits – like Gingerbread Cookies, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Bird Seed in a Jar, and Cinnamon Butter... you get my point 🙂  gingerbread-mix


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